Thursday, December 18, 2008

Communication is the bottom line

Communication is the Bottom Line

For each person, how you communicate verbally and non-verbally tells everybody else something about you. Are you more verbally expressive or are you more the quiet type? Does your body language speak more loudly than your words speak? When you are happy, does it show on your face or do you just feel it inside and keep your facial expression 'in tact'? Are you a person who expresses through body language by reacting clearly to every thing and other people are easily aware of what is happening for you?

In the hands, there are many markings that each person has but one specifically, the heart line, which is the horizontal line closest to the fingers that begins under the pinkie, identifies your non-verbal expression type.

If it curves up and touches either the index or middle finger, then you tend to show how you feel through your body language and facial expressions.

If your heart line is straight and DOESN'T curve up but just goes across the hand from under the pinkie towards to the middle finger or index finger, then you are much more careful about body language. Expressing your feelings doesn't make you feel comfortable. People can't read your facial expressions because you've gotten very good, organically, at not showing how you feel.

Neither of these styles is right or wrong. They are what they are. And judging somebody else for not expressing like you isn't helpful. They are who they are and are being true to themselves.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's All About Relationships

It's All About Relationships

Isn't that really the truth about eveything in our life? Your relationship with yourself is teh basis for all other relationships. Psychologists talk about that whatever you like about yourself you see in others as a benefit. What you don't like about yourself you see in others as being something you don't like about them. Psychologists call it 'projection' - where you project your own feelings onto another person.

The Law of Attraction says that whatever you focus on you get more of that. So if your relationships with others aren't working for you, what are you focusing on? Are you paying more attention go what you don't like about somebody else or more attention to what's working in the relationship?

Combining these two theories - projection and the law of attraction - it pretty much boils down to this: how you feel about yourself has a huge effect on your relationships with everybody else. So becoming even more aware of how you feel about yourself, what you like, don't like and what you project onto others will provide huge clues to success or not in relationships.

And there is so much information in your hands that identifies what motivates you, what you want, how you want to be treated, your perspective, viewpoint and filter through which you look at others and how compatible or not they are with you.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Veering off the subject a bit

Most of my blogs have been about the heart lines in the hands, but I want to veer off subject for just a blog or two. In the last two blogs I've shared my story about how I started reading hands since it's really not 'the obvious career path' for most people. In fact, for very few, really. That makes it even more stimulating to me. And then I shared about the value of Hand Analysis just a bit. I want to address that in an additional way.

Since your hand is your soul map, just as your entire body is, wouldn't it behoove one to know the soul map? What is says, what things mean, how they affect your relationships? There are so many parts of the hands, besides the heart lines/communication/love style lines that determine how you communicate, how you want to be treated, the filter through which you see the world.

For example, your head line, the horizontal line in the middle of the hand, plays a role in how you think and thus communicate and listen to others, your interest level in the mental conversation. And the length of your fingers can determine the type of communication that interests you most - are they long or short fingers? In the example above, these are fairly long so more 'mentally' focused and thus more willing to engage in longer mental conversations, like philosophy for example. And the shape of your hand also impacts your communication style, how many lines you have (a lot of not very many), and significantly the fingerprints which identify your Life Purpose also impact the types of communication that interest you and how long you want to stay in the conversation
It's your entire soul map - your hand is. And so many factors are involved in how you approach relationships with others. The point of this is even if you are becoming familiar with your heart line, which is a critical piece, it's not the only thing that matters for relationship success. Everything fits into the mix somehow. So the more you learn, the more you know, the more you understand, the more successful your relationships.
I have some free articles on my web site that talk about some of the major areas of the hand as a starting place if this interests you.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The big deal about hands

What's the big deal about hands?

I meet people who are skeptical about hand analysis. In fact, last weekend I was reading hands at a holistic fair. An entire family came at the beckoning of the grandmother who had a private reading with me a few weeks earlier. Her son-in-law and husband were skeptical until I looked at their hands and pinpointed some very relevant information.

Here's the big deal: your entire body is your soul map and your hands are a microcosm. So why wouldn't your hands represent everything about you? They do. Your entire map is represented by the lines in your palm, your fingerprints and handshape. Additionally, the texture of your palm means something, the colors in different parts of your hands reflect information to a trained hand analyst.

Lines can change in the hands - they don't have to but they can.
And I get asked this question all the time: what does the left hand mean and what does the right hand mean?

In the system I use, the right hands represents how you present yourself out in the world - your first impression. Your left hand represents how people know you more personally - how you might express yourself in private with family, close friends, for example.

And there is so much more to your hands than shared here. Because your hands are you entire soul map - your map for your life that can bring so much clarity!

There some articles on my website that identify specific markings that may assist in understanding even more -

Monday, October 6, 2008

How I started reading hands

How I started reading hands

People ask me all the time how I got into this business - I guess because it's so unusual people want to know how it could have happened and why I do it as a profession.

In 1991 I was in business for myself, creating computer graphics. Realizing the value of networkign and truthfully, wanting some connections with others - working on a computer much of the day can be quite lonely when you're at home - I found a group that was focused on a more spiritual type of networking. so I went. In January one of the meetings I attended, Todd shared that Richard Unger would be speaking in a couple of weeks and that he was going to teach a weekend intensive on Hand Analysis. Having been interested in most metaphysical sciences up until that time, I was curious how hand analysis fit along with astrology (which I was currently doing part time as well), numerology and other styles of personality maps.

Well, it fit perfectly. I had heard about Hand Analysis from one of Richard's students, Elizabeth, 3 years earlier when we exchanged readings - she read my hands, I did her astrology chart. But I never forgot Richard's name. So at the very least, curiosity intrigued me.

As Richard spoke about Gift Markings in the hands, I couldn't deny how totally fascinated I was. After the meeting, I approached him with the words, "I have to learn how to do this - I have to learn how to read hands." He gave me his card, I called the next day and we chatted for quite a while. The intensive he was teaching two weeks later ended up at my house. Within the first two hours of that weekend, I knew this was for me. I knew it was my path to travel. So two weeks later I was in the year long certification class. And it changed my life. Truly. I feel so blessed to have this skill, the talent to share what I've learned and be of service in people's lives in such a miraculous and magical way.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Communication - four styles

Four Styles, Four Approaches

If you've been reading the previous posts, you now know that each heart line type, each love style type has a different communication style. Curvy lines need to express how they feel, straight lines are reserved and cautious about communication and sharing feelings. And there has been information on short heart lines being self-focused while long heart lines are focused on other people's needs first.

What you may not yet know is that many people have more than one heart line type. Sometimes your left hand has a different heart line than your right hand. Or you have multiple heart lines on one hand like the example above and in rare cases, both hands have multiple heart lines. Can you see that the heart line splits under the middle finger (Saturn) and then breaks into two lines. In the above case it creates 3 heart line types.
The owner of this has three different communication styles, three ways he or she expresses love and 3 ways to receive love. It may be confusing not only for the heart line owner, but people in his or her life. It's possible that a person with multiple heart lines could bounce back and forth between each expression. And it could happen "in the moment." Let's call this person "Bill" for the sake of conversation. Bill could be warm and friendly with the Big Heart then 'suddenly' become very Hermit-like, wanting to be alone. And it could happen spontaneously. What is Bill to do? Which heart line does he follow? Which expression of love is most promiment?
Another possibility is that Bill could express one style, let's say the Romantic Idealist, for many months, then start owning the Hermit part and tht becomes dominant. There isn't any predictable way the three styles will be expressed. But being conscious of the options, not only for the heart line owner with 3 different potential expressions, but for those around him or her will help the others understand why the 3-heart line type owner may appear 'moody.'

Monday, September 15, 2008

Love Styles and Sex

Love Styles and Sex

Each heart type has specific requests to experience satisfying sexual relationships. The following explanation is not the WHOLE picture because the heart line is only one marking on the hands. It’s also possible that circumstances, experiences and individual beliefs influence your perspectives. For instance, sexual abuse may impact your desire/issues around sexual activity.
If you have multiple heart lines, the information still applies for each heart line type. The application depends on the circumstances, people involved, mood, which heart line is dominant. And also be aware that it could change in the middle of a lovemaking session.

With a Passionate on one hand and a Hermit on the other, the Passionate could start making love but the Hermit could come appear, changing the mood. Your partner says something that feels disloyal and the Hermit loses trust in that moment.
Or if you have a Big Heart and Romantic Idealist, both need connection before making love.

Passionate: Of all the heart lines, this is the one that potentially has the highest need for actual sexual and sensual experiences. You could have sex just for the sake of the physical activity. None of the other heart lines are motivated in this same way. The desires for the Passionate heart line are about stimulation, excitement, fun, playfulness, intensity of expression and feelings, communication through the physical body. The curvier your Passionate heart line, the more potential for a higher sex requirement.

Big Heart: If there isn’t connection at an emotional level, it is very difficult for this heart line to engage in meaningful sex. It’s best if verbal, physical and emotional affection as well as foreplay are an integral part of every lovemaking session with a Big Heart. "Quickies" generally don’t work for a Big Heart. But Big Hearts are very affectionate and sometimes hugging or holding satisfies a sexual desire temporarily. Also, Big Hearts, because they are other oriented, may agree to engage in sexual activity when that isn’t really what they want, or may agree as long as he or she also gets connection time in another way - maybe negotiating or bargaining is involved.

Romantic Idealist: Lovemaking is most satisfying for the Romantic Idealist when deep conversation is involved, either before or during lovemaking. Or, if the pattern has been established that having a deep meaningful conversation gets to follow sex, then that is the payoff for the Romantic Idealist. If the relationship is at odds, and there hasn’t been recent time to share deeply, the disconnection may be too big to overcome and have the Romantic Idealist actually be able to be present for lovemaking. You may go through the motions to please your partner, (others first) putting his or her needs first, but your joy and emotional expression are missing.

Hermit: Being an earth heart line, the Hermit’s needs are tangible, more solid, grounded, and physical. Because commitment, loyalty and integrity are so important to a Hermit, having sex for the sake of sex generally doesn’t fit in the picture. If things in the relationship are on good terms, sex is possible as long as the Hermit has had enough sanctuary time to feel satisfied, and doesn’t feel his or her partner is using sex to cling and get connection.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Love Styes Who are Receiving Challenged

"Receiving Challenged" Heart Lines

Did you know that two of the heart lines are espeically receiving challenged? They are the Hermit and Big Heart. Why, or how is this true?

The Big Heart, long and curvy, is focused on other people's needs first. There is a feeling of "selfishness" if the Big Heart receives. Not to worry. But it can be learned. "Receiving challenged" doesn't mean it's not possible. In fact, some Big Hearts I've talked with have moved to the master path and can actually say "thank you" when given a compliment. And receive gifts in the same manner, without deflecting or changing topics.

The Hermit is short straight heart line, completely opposite from the Big Heart, and can also be 'receiving challenged' but for a different reason. Hermits tend to be self-contained. They would rather do things themselves because then it won't have to done over and it will be done right the first time. So receviing help is more challenging for a Hermit. And even compliments may look difficult to receive because Hermits tend to be cautious about communicating feelings so a response to a compliment may be a nod or a twinkle in the eye - you may have to look for it.

And this can be a learned change, too. Not all Hermits are quietly responsive. Some actually say "thank you" out loud and the ones on the master path actually ask for help and let themselves be given to.

If you don't have one of these heart line types, it may be frustrating for you when you give a compliment or offer to help and are rejected. Don't give up and maybe providing feedback would benefit if you can do it with humor like, "feeling a little bit receiving challenged at the moment?"

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Love Style - Curvy heart lines

Curvy heart lines - the need to express feelings
Heart lines that curve up and touch the index finger (Big Heart) or middle finger (Passionate) actually have a NEED to express feelings. The straight heart line types (Hermit & Romantic Idealist) don't have this same need. It comes from a pressure that builds through the neurology of the curvy line.

For example, if you have curvy lines and find yourself holding back on expressing feelings, the pressure builds until you do. And then you do express and the relief is huge. You can move to the next level because you've "moved through and moved on."

And because these curvy heart lines are designed express, any holding back is counter to your innate design and isn't of service to you.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Love Style More on the Romantic Idealist

The Romantic Idealist - part 2

This heart line that is straight and ends under the index (Jupiter) finger has another significant characteristic. If you read the previous blog about the Romantic Idealist you learned that his heart line type is cautious about communicating feelings and is very observant.

Along with being observant this love style type is also challenged to make decisions easily. Of all the fourt heart line types. the Romantic Idealist, I believe, is the most challenged to identify what is wanted, and then ask for it. First of all, an RI is focused on other people's needs first, making identifying their own needs somewhat inhibiting. "Do I have the right to my own needs," maybe the question an RI asks internally.So identify the needs - step one - is already a question.

The second step is actually formulating the desire into a language in the mind of an RI. This may be a while - not only minutes but maybe hours, days, weeks. Because the straight line brings rationality into the picture and thinking about feelings, to actually formulate the desire in language requires going through the analytical cycle and whether or not the desire " makes sense." To any other heart line type this process seems painfully slow.

The third is actually saying the request out loud or writing it down (easier than verbalizing for most Romantic Idealists). so by the time a request is actually verbalized it has gone through quite a process. And some requests never reach the surface or see the light of day because the analytical process may stop the RI from actually believing he or she has the right to ask for this or that it's possible to have this desire met.

Recommendation: take a risk. Just say something sometime without having to spend a lot of time thinking it through as a 'test' to an alternative process. I could speed up having your needs met.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A heart Line extra marking: Board of Directors

The "Board of Directors" Line

In the hand on the left, there is a line that connects the heart line to the head line. It's a straight horizontal line that begins in this print on the thumb side of the hand. See at the edge of the hand, connecting to the beginning of the head line. And is quite straight. It goes to just under the middle (Saturn) finger and ends when it touches the heart line (the line closest to the fingers). Do you see it? That is called "the Board of Directors" line.
One additional technical point - the Board of Directors line connects with heart line under the Saturn finger. The Saturn (middle) finger represents business systems and structures in part. The "Board of Directors" is a term that applies to businesses for the most part which is a Saturn type of energy. So the BOD at the heart line end pulls on the Saturn characteristic of 'responsibility." A person with a BOD would want to be 'responsible' about making decisions so would pull in the mind/head line to make sure that the entire 'responsible' system is involved.

When this shows up on a hand, it means that the owner of the line will use both their heart (feelings) and head (thinking) when making decisions. The good news is that this person is fully in alignment with whatever decision is made - because they have included both feelings AND the logical/analytical mind/thinking parts of themselves to decide something. So their energy is fully engaged and committed to following the decision. Let's say the owner of this hand above, we'll call her Judy, has been asked to join a friend for a day hike. Knowing the location of the hike would be important (head line info) and who else is going (heart line info). Once that information is provided, then Judy could decide if the logistics (head line) would work and if the emotional experience about who is going and whether or not she likes them (heart line) works for her. If Judy is in alignment with both the location and the people, then it would be possible to say "yes" to the hike and be fully engaged - both feelings and thinking are saying this is a good thing.

The challenge, however, is when their heart has a different idea than their head. For example, if in the above story Judy likes the location but doesn't like one of the people who is going, Judy may be challenged to decide what to do. Her head is happy with the logistics but her heart isn't all that joyful about this one person. What does she do?

People with a Board of Directors line are often in turmoil about making decisions. So often they let others decide and they go along with the decision or they feel confused about a decision and don't know whether to "feel good about it or not" (heart) or "wonder if the right decision was made (head).

Solution: allow both your feelings and thoughts to be considered, even saying them out loud if necessary. Then trust your gut. It will be easier on you and everybody if you are the one with the Board of Directors line.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Love Style and Choice

Your Love Style and the choices you have

For each love style there is a student path (what doesn't feel good) and the master path (what feels good, what serves you best). And in each moment you are at choice about which option you select.

The reason this matter is because, like anything in life, you are the master of your environment. You are the one who trains others how to treat you, as Dr. Phil says from television.

How are you educating people in life how to treat you? How are you acting and responding that tells them, "it's OK to treat me this way." Recently I was at a gathering where somebody was saying things to me tht didn't feel good, although he claims he was teasing me. Even after I teased him back about not saying these things to me, he continued. I decided to educate him in a different way - directly by saying it didn't feel like teasing to me.

I stood on the master path of my heart line and said what I felt, and said what was not OK about how to be treated.

Each day we have many chances to choose the master or student path in every interaction. What does being true to your heart look like with your co-workers? partners? children? family? friends? When you know, in your body, that how somebody is talking to you doesn't feel right to you, what choice do you make? Do you let it continue? Do you ask yourself what other options exist? Do you ask yourself, "what could I say that might provide more clarity for this other person about how I want to be treated in the future?"

Each day, each hour you have the choice to honor yourself and feel the truth of what supports you. And you can help others learn what that is so it's a win-win for everybody.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Love Styles and the law of attraction

The Law of Attraction is always in effect

Knowing this may or may not be new news to you. But applying it to heart lines, your love style and your communication style may be a new thought.
What does it mean?

What it means is that, determined by whatever heart line(s) you have in your hands, you have a filter, a perspective from which you look at life, how you determine what you want from others in your life with whom you are in relationship. And your filter is your point of "attraction."
For example, if you have a Passionate heart line type on both hands, your "filter", your "point of attraction" is through the eyes of "I want what I want and I want it now." So on the good news side, you often get what you want because you are in alignment with knowing what you want and asking for it.

If you are on the student path, challenging side, your "point of attraction" could be "I never get what I want" or "people don't know how to figure out what I want and give it to me" or "I don't deserve to have what I want". So you would be challenged to have your needs met.

For each heart line type, each love style type (they are the same thing) you have a point of attraction. For the Hermit's master path, it could be maintaining your freedom and attracting people and circumstances into your life where you maintain your freedom. But on the student path side, where the law of attraction is also always in effect, if you dwell on feeling trapped and notice where you are feeling trapped, then you attract more of that.

For the Big Heart, paying attention to (law of attraction gives you more of what you pay attention to) having people in your life give back to you and you receive it - the biggest part for you - then you attract more of that - more people giving back to you. But if your focus is so much more on how you give to others, then you feel a lack of being given to because you attract people who want you to give to them. It's all within your consciousness and where you focus your attention.

Romantic Idealists, if focused on being considerate and desiring considerate people in their lives, they attract more of those people. But if they are in resistance to or noticing how "inconsiderate" people are, then they attract more of that.

This law of attraction is always in affect relates to every aspect of each heart line type which would be a good reason to know what all the characteristics are. It's doubtful they will all be explained in this blog in short order (maybe throughout the year). So if you want a more rapid access to knowing the characteristics that affect every relationship in your life, you can check out my web site at under products see that there are books and audios that provide much more detail.

Warmly and with enthusiasm that all relationships can be improved just by knowing your heart line/love style,

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Love Style of the Big Heart

The Big Heart's Major Characteristic
Nurturing and being a caretaker makes the Big Heart the happiest. Giving, supporting, being there for somebody in crisis or somebody who wants to share some story or feeling about their life. Listening, offering wisdom, solutions or affection satisfies this part of the Big Heart's desire.
Reminding you that this is only one line in the hand, and that 2/3 of the population has more than one heart line type, this could carry less weight of other heart line types are dominant. Or if you also have a Hermit (this is the most common combination I see on hands when there are two heart lines types: the Big Heart and Hermit) sometimes the Hermit may be in affect and the Big Heart is put on the back burner. But it doesn't last long because giving, nurturing and caretaking are so important to feeling satisfies for the Big Heart.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Love Style of the Romantic Idealist Heart Line

The Major Characteristic of the Romantic Idealist

This heart line, as you can see, is straight and ends under the index finger, beginning under the pinkie. As a reminder, the line closest to the fingers is the heart line.
The Romantic Idealist's major focus is on deep meaningful conversations. You seek conversations that explore things in depth and it could be philosophy as well as personal sharing. Boring to a Romantic Idealist is idle chat, not much content and definitely opinions that aren't grounded in some belief or life experience but just "off the top of your head". No substance in those and that is not at all intersting to this heart line type.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Love Style of the Big Heart

What is the Big Heart's Major Characteristic?

This heart line, which begins under the pinkie (Mercury) and ends under the index finger (Jupiter) is the longest of all the four heart line types, looking at it from a 'pen stroke' perspective. This means using hand analysis rules, the longer it is the more time you spend in it. That is why it is called the "Big Heart." Big Hearts desire connection. They are motivated by connection with others, being there to help others through a crisis or any proportion. Additionally, they do it from their heart, a genuine, authentic desire to assist others. And by helping others they feel satisfied that some connection has been established.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

What do you want to know?

For the last month I've been sharing some things about the heart lines which are your love and communication style.

What would you like to know? Is there anything specific that would be helpful for you to know or that would answer your questions about your love style or communication style?


Thursday, July 10, 2008

How does a heart line identify your love style?

How does a heart line type identify your love style?

Imagine this - your entire body is your soul map. Your hands are a micrcosm of your body so your hand is also your soul map. Each line in the hands means something, just as each finger represents a specific energy. And the finger sections each represent something tangible. So if each line means something, what does each line mean?

Your heart line is about feelings, your emotional perspective, emotional response. So in your relationships, your heart line carries the most influence in your love style and your love language.

The head line is how you think and approach problem solving.
Your life line is about your vitality and your roots - your family, community, tribe.
Your fate line is about your career track, your work style, your approach to taking care of tasks.

Just understanding this may help appreciate why each line is important in the overall scheme of your soul map and personality expression. What hand analysts look for are
1. how long or short is the line
2. how clean is it or does it have extra lines connected to it
3. is it deeply grooved or very lightly drawn or somewhere in between

Every one of these options identifies something tangible about your approach to what the line represents.

So on the love styles, that's what I'm sharing with you - tangible information related to the heart/emotions/feelings.

Previous blogs have provided some helpful details as future ones will also.
see some free articles on my web site regarding finger prints
that identify Life Purpose, Gift Markings and one even on the creative part of the hand.


Monday, July 7, 2008

Love Style of the Passionate Heart Line

A Major Passionate Heart Line Characteristic

The Passionate heart line is the curviest of all the heart line types.
It touches the middle (Saturn) finger. Because of this curviness, the Passionate is deemed the most emotionally expressive. That doesn't mean the Passionate DOES express feelings all the time. But when a Passionate shares how he or she feels, it can be dramatic. Strictly from a neurological perspective, this curvy line NEEDS to let feelings out. It's important, a requirement. But sometimes a Passionate is challenged in the moment. The pressure builds until the Passionate is clear about what to say. Then when it is verbalized, it can be dramatic.
Sometimes Passionates are considered by others to be "drama queens" or "drama kings." The origin of this phrase is based on the above information - the pressure building and then released.
Consequently, temper tantrums, especially in children with Passionates, are not uncommon. BEcause they NEED to express. Not expressing is harmful to them. HOW they express can be learned but not allowing it is harmful. And one thing clearly true about Passionates, once a feeling is shared, whether it's joy or anger, they are quickly over it and on to the next thing.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Same heart line on both hands

Same heart line type on both hands

What if you have the same heart line type on both hands?
This does happen about 1/3 of the time.

You then are more singly focused on what you want in relationships. For example if you have Big Hearts on both hands, there is little room for being self-oriented because your focus is so much loving and taking care of others.

Your communication style is consistent and people can count on your to be relatively the same, whether it's student or master path behaviors, the phrases I use to describe the challenges (student) and strengths (master). People know you will be there for them unless you have burned out from giving too much and are taking a break from giving.

Passionates on both hands can again be consistenly Passionate: I want what I want and I want it now with very little room for patience with others who are challenged to make decisions as easily as you know or identify what they want as easily as you do (Romantic Idealists, for example).

So having the same heart line type on both hands lends more consistency of behavior and people get "the same person" most of the time. I do need to add that this doesn't take into account other markings in the hands because this is only the heart line. But it is a very significant line in relationship desires and expectations.

Do you have the same lines on both hands (you can look at archived posts for June to see what the heart line types look like on hands).

If you're interested in learning more about products related to the heart lines, there are some options on my web site.


Saturday, June 28, 2008

Love Styles of Multiple Heart Lines

Multiple Heart Lines

Recently I did a survey of about 200 pairs of hands and discovered that about 2/3 of the sets of hands had at least two heart line types. Here is an example of how it could look if there are multiple heart line types on one hand.

Just a reminder that the heart line is the line closest to the fingers that starts under the pinkie (Mercury) finger and crosses the hand towards the index finger (Jupiter) side of the hand.

See under the middle (Saturn) finger how the heart line splits. One piece goes to the index finger and actually touches the outer edge of that finger. That is the Big Heart type. Then there is another line that goes straight under the index finger creating a Romantic Idealist. You can see there are two termination points that are obvious.
The third termination point is actually where the heart line splits under the middle finger. The heart line that goes up to that point is called the Hermit. So this hand has 3 heart line types.
What does that mean to the owner? It means he or she has three different emotional expressions and the people in his/ her life never really know which heart line type they are in relationship with from moment-to-moment. Two of these heart line types are focused on other people's needs first because they are long (Big Heart and Romantic Idealist) and one is short (Hermit) so this person could be challenged to identify his or her needs easily - doubled because there are two heart line that are focused on others' needs first. And this is only one hand! Imagine, and I've seen this, where people have three heart line types on both hands.
As furture blogs get into more detail about the heart line types, this will make even more sense. In the meantime, you could go to my web site: and listen to a short audio on the products page under the "Your Heart is in Your Hands" section of products.

Love Styles of Long Heart Lines

Long Heart Lines

Long heart lines terminate under the index finger, called Jupiter.

To the very right is a Romantic Idealist, the straight, long line. The hand print on the left is the Big Heart. It curves up and touches the finger, so is long and curvy.

Each of these heart line types is focused in meeting the needs of others first. "Let me be there for you before I identify my own needs," is how they live, the perspective from which they make decisions in relationships.

Frustrating to the short heart line types, for whom identifying their desires is much easier, these long heart line types don't quite understand why the short heart line types (Passionate and Hermit - see previous blog)) are so frustrated with them when the Romantic Idealist and Big Heart are so giving.

Just knowing if somebody has a short or long heart line type could help you in relationship appreciate that the other person is coming from a different perspective and has a different relationship with identifying their needs and thus getting them met.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Love Style of the Hermit

Hermits Need Freedom
The Hermit heart line type's most important love style is freedom. This is something Hermit's seek constantly, cherish above most other things and hold sacred. One way freedom looks is avoiding feeling trapped or getting into a situation that could be 'entrapping.'
For example, a Hermit might choose a career in sales because they have freedom about scheduling sales calls. Time alone creates freedom for Hermits. I remember hearing the male partner of a couple tell me that he got his freedom after his wife went to bed at night. Those two hours alone were joyous for him. Another person told, and she, her husband and daughter all have at least one Hermit heart line, that after dinner, each person would go to their respective 'rooms' and freely do whatever they wanted until it was time for bed. Sometimes it was spoken as a need, sometimes just understood.
Freedom can also appear in choices about with whom you spend your time and energy. In fact, in almost every realm if life a choice to seek or maintain freedom is a major decision-making factor for somebody who has at least one Hermit heart line (meaning on at least one hand.)
What ways do you seek freedom? What happens if you feel trapped and how do you avoid it?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Love Style of Short Heart Lines

Short Heart Lines

Heart lines come in two lengths: short and long.

Short heart lines end under the middle finger (called Saturn). The two heart liens on teh left are the 'short" ones: the very left is the Hermit, the one on the right is the Passionate. See how they each stop before entering the zone under the index finger (called Jupiter).

Short heart lines are more focused on identifying and then taking care of your own needs first.
The Hermit identifies his or her needs and tends to take action on them without necessarily communicating with others about the needs. Hermits tend to be cautious about communicating feelings.

Passionates, the other short heart line ends under the Saturn (middle) finger but actually curves and touches the finger. Curvy lines express more feelings so a Passionate could easily identify his or her needs and let others know what he or she wants.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Curvy vs. straight heart lines

What does it mean when your heart line is curvy or straight?

Your heart line is the horizontal line closest to the fingers that begins under your pinkie and goes across the hand.

When your heart line curves up and touches the middle or index finger it is considered "curvy". (hand print on the left) .With a curvy heart line you NEED to express how you feel. It doesn't always come easy but at some point enough pressure will build if you haven't been expressing all along and out will pour words and soemtimes accompanied by strong emotions.

People with straight heart lines (hand print on the right) are wired differently and don't feel the NEED to express their emotions. They are more reserved and cautious in emotional expression.

If your heart line curves up and touches the middle finger that is called a Passionate heart line. The one that touches the index finger is called a Big Heart. You can tell by the names that they have different approaches, which I will cover in subsequent blogs.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Love Styles

Did you know that your hands are your soul map for this life time? And that you have lines in your hands that actually identify your love style? It's called the heart line. What I look for is where your heart line terminates.

Each of the four heart line types identifies how you want to be treated in relationship and your communication style. What if your partner has a different style than you do? How does that affect your communication? How does that affect getting your needs met?

And it's not uncommon that your partner would have an "opposite" heart line type since we've heard for many years that opposites attract.

In subsequent articles, I'll share some specifics about the heart lines and what each type of heart line desires in relationship. And maybe it will help you in your relationships.

By the way, the information relates to children, co-workers, clients, family members and friends.