Monday, June 23, 2008

Love Style of the Hermit

Hermits Need Freedom
The Hermit heart line type's most important love style is freedom. This is something Hermit's seek constantly, cherish above most other things and hold sacred. One way freedom looks is avoiding feeling trapped or getting into a situation that could be 'entrapping.'
For example, a Hermit might choose a career in sales because they have freedom about scheduling sales calls. Time alone creates freedom for Hermits. I remember hearing the male partner of a couple tell me that he got his freedom after his wife went to bed at night. Those two hours alone were joyous for him. Another person told, and she, her husband and daughter all have at least one Hermit heart line, that after dinner, each person would go to their respective 'rooms' and freely do whatever they wanted until it was time for bed. Sometimes it was spoken as a need, sometimes just understood.
Freedom can also appear in choices about with whom you spend your time and energy. In fact, in almost every realm if life a choice to seek or maintain freedom is a major decision-making factor for somebody who has at least one Hermit heart line (meaning on at least one hand.)
What ways do you seek freedom? What happens if you feel trapped and how do you avoid it?

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