Saturday, June 28, 2008

Love Styles of Long Heart Lines

Long Heart Lines

Long heart lines terminate under the index finger, called Jupiter.

To the very right is a Romantic Idealist, the straight, long line. The hand print on the left is the Big Heart. It curves up and touches the finger, so is long and curvy.

Each of these heart line types is focused in meeting the needs of others first. "Let me be there for you before I identify my own needs," is how they live, the perspective from which they make decisions in relationships.

Frustrating to the short heart line types, for whom identifying their desires is much easier, these long heart line types don't quite understand why the short heart line types (Passionate and Hermit - see previous blog)) are so frustrated with them when the Romantic Idealist and Big Heart are so giving.

Just knowing if somebody has a short or long heart line type could help you in relationship appreciate that the other person is coming from a different perspective and has a different relationship with identifying their needs and thus getting them met.

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