Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Love Styles

Did you know that your hands are your soul map for this life time? And that you have lines in your hands that actually identify your love style? It's called the heart line. What I look for is where your heart line terminates.

Each of the four heart line types identifies how you want to be treated in relationship and your communication style. What if your partner has a different style than you do? How does that affect your communication? How does that affect getting your needs met?

And it's not uncommon that your partner would have an "opposite" heart line type since we've heard for many years that opposites attract.

In subsequent articles, I'll share some specifics about the heart lines and what each type of heart line desires in relationship. And maybe it will help you in your relationships.

By the way, the information relates to children, co-workers, clients, family members and friends.

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