Thursday, June 3, 2010

What does it mean to have multiple heart lines?

What does it mean to have multiple heart lines?
By looking at the hand print on the right, we can see that there are multiple heart lines. By the way, heart lines in the hands represent how you express love and want love expressed to you. It's the line that reflects your feelings and emotional responses in relationships.
Let me point out where they are. The line closest to the fingers that starts under the pinkie and then curves up and touches between the first and second fingers is a heart line. It's called a Big Heart. See the 2008 blog posts for a more detailed description of what it means.
Where that line splits underneath the middle finger creates another line that goes straight. That creates a 'split' heart line meaning there are two heart line types on this hand. The second on is called a Hermit heart line.
Each heart line type has a set of specific
characteristics and behaviors. In this case, the two heart line types are complete opposites. The Big Heart wants connection, the Hermit heart line wants space. The Big Heart loves to entertain, the Hermit not so much. And there are many other behaviors that go along with this.
So the question becomes: what do I do when I have two different heart line types on my hands? The first thing is to realize you are not crazy, but you ARE flexible in your emotional reactions. It may feel crazy to you or people in your life at times because you have different emotional responses depending on which heart line is in charge. And which heart line is in charge can change in a moment's notice. But it also gives you flexibility.