Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Veering off the subject a bit

Most of my blogs have been about the heart lines in the hands, but I want to veer off subject for just a blog or two. In the last two blogs I've shared my story about how I started reading hands since it's really not 'the obvious career path' for most people. In fact, for very few, really. That makes it even more stimulating to me. And then I shared about the value of Hand Analysis just a bit. I want to address that in an additional way.

Since your hand is your soul map, just as your entire body is, wouldn't it behoove one to know the soul map? What is says, what things mean, how they affect your relationships? There are so many parts of the hands, besides the heart lines/communication/love style lines that determine how you communicate, how you want to be treated, the filter through which you see the world.

For example, your head line, the horizontal line in the middle of the hand, plays a role in how you think and thus communicate and listen to others, your interest level in the mental conversation. And the length of your fingers can determine the type of communication that interests you most - are they long or short fingers? In the example above, these are fairly long so more 'mentally' focused and thus more willing to engage in longer mental conversations, like philosophy for example. And the shape of your hand also impacts your communication style, how many lines you have (a lot of not very many), and significantly the fingerprints which identify your Life Purpose also impact the types of communication that interest you and how long you want to stay in the conversation
It's your entire soul map - your hand is. And so many factors are involved in how you approach relationships with others. The point of this is even if you are becoming familiar with your heart line, which is a critical piece, it's not the only thing that matters for relationship success. Everything fits into the mix somehow. So the more you learn, the more you know, the more you understand, the more successful your relationships.
I have some free articles on my web site that talk about some of the major areas of the hand as a starting place if this interests you.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The big deal about hands

What's the big deal about hands?

I meet people who are skeptical about hand analysis. In fact, last weekend I was reading hands at a holistic fair. An entire family came at the beckoning of the grandmother who had a private reading with me a few weeks earlier. Her son-in-law and husband were skeptical until I looked at their hands and pinpointed some very relevant information.

Here's the big deal: your entire body is your soul map and your hands are a microcosm. So why wouldn't your hands represent everything about you? They do. Your entire map is represented by the lines in your palm, your fingerprints and handshape. Additionally, the texture of your palm means something, the colors in different parts of your hands reflect information to a trained hand analyst.

Lines can change in the hands - they don't have to but they can.
And I get asked this question all the time: what does the left hand mean and what does the right hand mean?

In the system I use, the right hands represents how you present yourself out in the world - your first impression. Your left hand represents how people know you more personally - how you might express yourself in private with family, close friends, for example.

And there is so much more to your hands than shared here. Because your hands are you entire soul map - your map for your life that can bring so much clarity!

There some articles on my website that identify specific markings that may assist in understanding even more -

Monday, October 6, 2008

How I started reading hands

How I started reading hands

People ask me all the time how I got into this business - I guess because it's so unusual people want to know how it could have happened and why I do it as a profession.

In 1991 I was in business for myself, creating computer graphics. Realizing the value of networkign and truthfully, wanting some connections with others - working on a computer much of the day can be quite lonely when you're at home - I found a group that was focused on a more spiritual type of networking. so I went. In January one of the meetings I attended, Todd shared that Richard Unger would be speaking in a couple of weeks and that he was going to teach a weekend intensive on Hand Analysis. Having been interested in most metaphysical sciences up until that time, I was curious how hand analysis fit along with astrology (which I was currently doing part time as well), numerology and other styles of personality maps.

Well, it fit perfectly. I had heard about Hand Analysis from one of Richard's students, Elizabeth, 3 years earlier when we exchanged readings - she read my hands, I did her astrology chart. But I never forgot Richard's name. So at the very least, curiosity intrigued me.

As Richard spoke about Gift Markings in the hands, I couldn't deny how totally fascinated I was. After the meeting, I approached him with the words, "I have to learn how to do this - I have to learn how to read hands." He gave me his card, I called the next day and we chatted for quite a while. The intensive he was teaching two weeks later ended up at my house. Within the first two hours of that weekend, I knew this was for me. I knew it was my path to travel. So two weeks later I was in the year long certification class. And it changed my life. Truly. I feel so blessed to have this skill, the talent to share what I've learned and be of service in people's lives in such a miraculous and magical way.