Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The big deal about hands

What's the big deal about hands?

I meet people who are skeptical about hand analysis. In fact, last weekend I was reading hands at a holistic fair. An entire family came at the beckoning of the grandmother who had a private reading with me a few weeks earlier. Her son-in-law and husband were skeptical until I looked at their hands and pinpointed some very relevant information.

Here's the big deal: your entire body is your soul map and your hands are a microcosm. So why wouldn't your hands represent everything about you? They do. Your entire map is represented by the lines in your palm, your fingerprints and handshape. Additionally, the texture of your palm means something, the colors in different parts of your hands reflect information to a trained hand analyst.

Lines can change in the hands - they don't have to but they can.
And I get asked this question all the time: what does the left hand mean and what does the right hand mean?

In the system I use, the right hands represents how you present yourself out in the world - your first impression. Your left hand represents how people know you more personally - how you might express yourself in private with family, close friends, for example.

And there is so much more to your hands than shared here. Because your hands are you entire soul map - your map for your life that can bring so much clarity!

There some articles on my website that identify specific markings that may assist in understanding even more -

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