Friday, January 28, 2011

Relationship Success for Singles: New book

Relationship Success for Singles: Life Partner or Life Problems

Are you single?

Are you looking for a partner?

Are you frustrated that you haven't found somebody compatible?

What criteria are you using to determine compatability?
In Relationship Success for Singles, compatability is one of the main focuses for relationships that work.
Based on one line in the hands, a major line called your "Heart Line," you discover your own need for expressing love and having it expressed to you. This one line, discussed in much detail in previous posts on this blog, specifically identifies the communication style that you have and what is compatible for you.
Instead of buying a new dress to go out on a date with somebody you don't yet know well, buy this book to find out what to look for on that first date.
Choose to know yourself first and then find out what heart line type is compatible with yours, and which one(s) are not - and most importantly - why!
Order your copy now by clicking on this link.
Not ready? Read the previous posts and then come back to order your copy of Relationship Success for Singles: Life Partner or Life Problems? In a short amount of time your curiousity will have you looking at your friends hands to discover what heart line type they have. PLUS you'll understand so much about why other relationships haven't worked out.
Many blessings