Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fingerprints - some medical information

Fingerprints - some medical information
Based on medical research fingerprints are fully formed somewhere between 16-20 weeks after conception, before some other organs in the body. And they never change, which we all know.

The volar pads that form the fingerprints are raised at different levels on the fingers, meaning that whorls are raised on the finger the highest amount where arches are flat and don't raise up on the volar pads. Peacocks and composites follow closely behind whorls, then loops, tented arches and arches. So the ranking system used to identify Life Purpose (highest ranked) and Life Lesson (lowest ranked) is based on the formation of the fingerprints on the volar pads.

But fingerprints are different from any other part of the hands because they don't change. So I understand fingerprints to be much more of an identification of a person's soul agreement. I don't lump them in with other hand markings because they stand on their own. That doesn't mean I don't include other hand markings in a session with clients. What it means is that from birth to death, regardless of any other hand markings, there is a reason for this person to be here and it's tangible.

There are other parts of the body that are just as significant for identification and don't change the same as fingerprints: voice, retina, walk, eye color, 8 basal cells at the base of the spine - just for what I arleady know about. And I'm sure there are other things I don't know.
All fingers matter because each of the 10 has a very specific purpose - including master and student path. And if a finger is the 'life lesson' finger, it creates valuable insights for a person to know obstacles that can be faced, understood, consciously chosen to make changes one step at a time. The combination of life purpose fingers and life lesson fingers creates an even more sophisticated understanding of what truly creates the highest possibility of satisfaction, joy and soul fulfillment. I'm grateful to Richard Unger for this addition to Hand Analysis in his way. It's helped me know myself more and many, many clients.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Your Hands, Your Relationships

What does the hand say about relationships?

All over your hands are markings that provide information about what you want in relationships: how you communicate, how long you spend solving problems, ho wmuch you want to talk about feelings or don't, what being loved looks like to you, and especially your Life Purpose and how that affects your joy and happiness. Your fingerprints identify your Life Purpose and Life Lesson.

The head line: this is the horizontal line that begins on the thumb side of the hand and goes across toward the outer edge.
For example, let's say you have a long head line and your partner has a short one. Long head lined people like more information before making a decision. Short head line people tend to make decisions with 2 or 3 pieces of data vs the 10-12 a long head line person may want. Can you imagine this could cause frustration in relationship? Making a decision about a vacation is up for you. The long head lined person wants to investigate options, such as which island in Hawaii or even considering Fiji. The short head line person only wants to choose between two hotels on one island. Good news here is the long head lined person can research and present choices. But if there are too many choices, the short head lined person may just blow it off, pick one whether or not that is what he or she really wanted because too much data doesn't interest them.
This is just a small example and there are other variables, of course, because only one marking in the hands isn't enough to really establish the similarities and differences between people.
No two hands are the same, not even yours left and right hands. So each person approaches everything from their own perspective. Each person's viewpoint is theirs and it's not really appropriate to try to insist or encourage or manipulate them into trying to take on your viewpoint. Compormises yes, but giving up one's needs based on their hand markings can cause resentment in relationships.