Saturday, June 28, 2008

Love Styles of Multiple Heart Lines

Multiple Heart Lines

Recently I did a survey of about 200 pairs of hands and discovered that about 2/3 of the sets of hands had at least two heart line types. Here is an example of how it could look if there are multiple heart line types on one hand.

Just a reminder that the heart line is the line closest to the fingers that starts under the pinkie (Mercury) finger and crosses the hand towards the index finger (Jupiter) side of the hand.

See under the middle (Saturn) finger how the heart line splits. One piece goes to the index finger and actually touches the outer edge of that finger. That is the Big Heart type. Then there is another line that goes straight under the index finger creating a Romantic Idealist. You can see there are two termination points that are obvious.
The third termination point is actually where the heart line splits under the middle finger. The heart line that goes up to that point is called the Hermit. So this hand has 3 heart line types.
What does that mean to the owner? It means he or she has three different emotional expressions and the people in his/ her life never really know which heart line type they are in relationship with from moment-to-moment. Two of these heart line types are focused on other people's needs first because they are long (Big Heart and Romantic Idealist) and one is short (Hermit) so this person could be challenged to identify his or her needs easily - doubled because there are two heart line that are focused on others' needs first. And this is only one hand! Imagine, and I've seen this, where people have three heart line types on both hands.
As furture blogs get into more detail about the heart line types, this will make even more sense. In the meantime, you could go to my web site: and listen to a short audio on the products page under the "Your Heart is in Your Hands" section of products.

Love Styles of Long Heart Lines

Long Heart Lines

Long heart lines terminate under the index finger, called Jupiter.

To the very right is a Romantic Idealist, the straight, long line. The hand print on the left is the Big Heart. It curves up and touches the finger, so is long and curvy.

Each of these heart line types is focused in meeting the needs of others first. "Let me be there for you before I identify my own needs," is how they live, the perspective from which they make decisions in relationships.

Frustrating to the short heart line types, for whom identifying their desires is much easier, these long heart line types don't quite understand why the short heart line types (Passionate and Hermit - see previous blog)) are so frustrated with them when the Romantic Idealist and Big Heart are so giving.

Just knowing if somebody has a short or long heart line type could help you in relationship appreciate that the other person is coming from a different perspective and has a different relationship with identifying their needs and thus getting them met.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Love Style of the Hermit

Hermits Need Freedom
The Hermit heart line type's most important love style is freedom. This is something Hermit's seek constantly, cherish above most other things and hold sacred. One way freedom looks is avoiding feeling trapped or getting into a situation that could be 'entrapping.'
For example, a Hermit might choose a career in sales because they have freedom about scheduling sales calls. Time alone creates freedom for Hermits. I remember hearing the male partner of a couple tell me that he got his freedom after his wife went to bed at night. Those two hours alone were joyous for him. Another person told, and she, her husband and daughter all have at least one Hermit heart line, that after dinner, each person would go to their respective 'rooms' and freely do whatever they wanted until it was time for bed. Sometimes it was spoken as a need, sometimes just understood.
Freedom can also appear in choices about with whom you spend your time and energy. In fact, in almost every realm if life a choice to seek or maintain freedom is a major decision-making factor for somebody who has at least one Hermit heart line (meaning on at least one hand.)
What ways do you seek freedom? What happens if you feel trapped and how do you avoid it?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Love Style of Short Heart Lines

Short Heart Lines

Heart lines come in two lengths: short and long.

Short heart lines end under the middle finger (called Saturn). The two heart liens on teh left are the 'short" ones: the very left is the Hermit, the one on the right is the Passionate. See how they each stop before entering the zone under the index finger (called Jupiter).

Short heart lines are more focused on identifying and then taking care of your own needs first.
The Hermit identifies his or her needs and tends to take action on them without necessarily communicating with others about the needs. Hermits tend to be cautious about communicating feelings.

Passionates, the other short heart line ends under the Saturn (middle) finger but actually curves and touches the finger. Curvy lines express more feelings so a Passionate could easily identify his or her needs and let others know what he or she wants.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Curvy vs. straight heart lines

What does it mean when your heart line is curvy or straight?

Your heart line is the horizontal line closest to the fingers that begins under your pinkie and goes across the hand.

When your heart line curves up and touches the middle or index finger it is considered "curvy". (hand print on the left) .With a curvy heart line you NEED to express how you feel. It doesn't always come easy but at some point enough pressure will build if you haven't been expressing all along and out will pour words and soemtimes accompanied by strong emotions.

People with straight heart lines (hand print on the right) are wired differently and don't feel the NEED to express their emotions. They are more reserved and cautious in emotional expression.

If your heart line curves up and touches the middle finger that is called a Passionate heart line. The one that touches the index finger is called a Big Heart. You can tell by the names that they have different approaches, which I will cover in subsequent blogs.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Love Styles

Did you know that your hands are your soul map for this life time? And that you have lines in your hands that actually identify your love style? It's called the heart line. What I look for is where your heart line terminates.

Each of the four heart line types identifies how you want to be treated in relationship and your communication style. What if your partner has a different style than you do? How does that affect your communication? How does that affect getting your needs met?

And it's not uncommon that your partner would have an "opposite" heart line type since we've heard for many years that opposites attract.

In subsequent articles, I'll share some specifics about the heart lines and what each type of heart line desires in relationship. And maybe it will help you in your relationships.

By the way, the information relates to children, co-workers, clients, family members and friends.