Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Curvy vs. straight heart lines

What does it mean when your heart line is curvy or straight?

Your heart line is the horizontal line closest to the fingers that begins under your pinkie and goes across the hand.

When your heart line curves up and touches the middle or index finger it is considered "curvy". (hand print on the left) .With a curvy heart line you NEED to express how you feel. It doesn't always come easy but at some point enough pressure will build if you haven't been expressing all along and out will pour words and soemtimes accompanied by strong emotions.

People with straight heart lines (hand print on the right) are wired differently and don't feel the NEED to express their emotions. They are more reserved and cautious in emotional expression.

If your heart line curves up and touches the middle finger that is called a Passionate heart line. The one that touches the index finger is called a Big Heart. You can tell by the names that they have different approaches, which I will cover in subsequent blogs.

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