Thursday, July 31, 2008

Love Styles and the law of attraction

The Law of Attraction is always in effect

Knowing this may or may not be new news to you. But applying it to heart lines, your love style and your communication style may be a new thought.
What does it mean?

What it means is that, determined by whatever heart line(s) you have in your hands, you have a filter, a perspective from which you look at life, how you determine what you want from others in your life with whom you are in relationship. And your filter is your point of "attraction."
For example, if you have a Passionate heart line type on both hands, your "filter", your "point of attraction" is through the eyes of "I want what I want and I want it now." So on the good news side, you often get what you want because you are in alignment with knowing what you want and asking for it.

If you are on the student path, challenging side, your "point of attraction" could be "I never get what I want" or "people don't know how to figure out what I want and give it to me" or "I don't deserve to have what I want". So you would be challenged to have your needs met.

For each heart line type, each love style type (they are the same thing) you have a point of attraction. For the Hermit's master path, it could be maintaining your freedom and attracting people and circumstances into your life where you maintain your freedom. But on the student path side, where the law of attraction is also always in effect, if you dwell on feeling trapped and notice where you are feeling trapped, then you attract more of that.

For the Big Heart, paying attention to (law of attraction gives you more of what you pay attention to) having people in your life give back to you and you receive it - the biggest part for you - then you attract more of that - more people giving back to you. But if your focus is so much more on how you give to others, then you feel a lack of being given to because you attract people who want you to give to them. It's all within your consciousness and where you focus your attention.

Romantic Idealists, if focused on being considerate and desiring considerate people in their lives, they attract more of those people. But if they are in resistance to or noticing how "inconsiderate" people are, then they attract more of that.

This law of attraction is always in affect relates to every aspect of each heart line type which would be a good reason to know what all the characteristics are. It's doubtful they will all be explained in this blog in short order (maybe throughout the year). So if you want a more rapid access to knowing the characteristics that affect every relationship in your life, you can check out my web site at under products see that there are books and audios that provide much more detail.

Warmly and with enthusiasm that all relationships can be improved just by knowing your heart line/love style,

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Love Style of the Big Heart

The Big Heart's Major Characteristic
Nurturing and being a caretaker makes the Big Heart the happiest. Giving, supporting, being there for somebody in crisis or somebody who wants to share some story or feeling about their life. Listening, offering wisdom, solutions or affection satisfies this part of the Big Heart's desire.
Reminding you that this is only one line in the hand, and that 2/3 of the population has more than one heart line type, this could carry less weight of other heart line types are dominant. Or if you also have a Hermit (this is the most common combination I see on hands when there are two heart lines types: the Big Heart and Hermit) sometimes the Hermit may be in affect and the Big Heart is put on the back burner. But it doesn't last long because giving, nurturing and caretaking are so important to feeling satisfies for the Big Heart.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Love Style of the Romantic Idealist Heart Line

The Major Characteristic of the Romantic Idealist

This heart line, as you can see, is straight and ends under the index finger, beginning under the pinkie. As a reminder, the line closest to the fingers is the heart line.
The Romantic Idealist's major focus is on deep meaningful conversations. You seek conversations that explore things in depth and it could be philosophy as well as personal sharing. Boring to a Romantic Idealist is idle chat, not much content and definitely opinions that aren't grounded in some belief or life experience but just "off the top of your head". No substance in those and that is not at all intersting to this heart line type.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Love Style of the Big Heart

What is the Big Heart's Major Characteristic?

This heart line, which begins under the pinkie (Mercury) and ends under the index finger (Jupiter) is the longest of all the four heart line types, looking at it from a 'pen stroke' perspective. This means using hand analysis rules, the longer it is the more time you spend in it. That is why it is called the "Big Heart." Big Hearts desire connection. They are motivated by connection with others, being there to help others through a crisis or any proportion. Additionally, they do it from their heart, a genuine, authentic desire to assist others. And by helping others they feel satisfied that some connection has been established.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

What do you want to know?

For the last month I've been sharing some things about the heart lines which are your love and communication style.

What would you like to know? Is there anything specific that would be helpful for you to know or that would answer your questions about your love style or communication style?


Thursday, July 10, 2008

How does a heart line identify your love style?

How does a heart line type identify your love style?

Imagine this - your entire body is your soul map. Your hands are a micrcosm of your body so your hand is also your soul map. Each line in the hands means something, just as each finger represents a specific energy. And the finger sections each represent something tangible. So if each line means something, what does each line mean?

Your heart line is about feelings, your emotional perspective, emotional response. So in your relationships, your heart line carries the most influence in your love style and your love language.

The head line is how you think and approach problem solving.
Your life line is about your vitality and your roots - your family, community, tribe.
Your fate line is about your career track, your work style, your approach to taking care of tasks.

Just understanding this may help appreciate why each line is important in the overall scheme of your soul map and personality expression. What hand analysts look for are
1. how long or short is the line
2. how clean is it or does it have extra lines connected to it
3. is it deeply grooved or very lightly drawn or somewhere in between

Every one of these options identifies something tangible about your approach to what the line represents.

So on the love styles, that's what I'm sharing with you - tangible information related to the heart/emotions/feelings.

Previous blogs have provided some helpful details as future ones will also.
see some free articles on my web site regarding finger prints
that identify Life Purpose, Gift Markings and one even on the creative part of the hand.


Monday, July 7, 2008

Love Style of the Passionate Heart Line

A Major Passionate Heart Line Characteristic

The Passionate heart line is the curviest of all the heart line types.
It touches the middle (Saturn) finger. Because of this curviness, the Passionate is deemed the most emotionally expressive. That doesn't mean the Passionate DOES express feelings all the time. But when a Passionate shares how he or she feels, it can be dramatic. Strictly from a neurological perspective, this curvy line NEEDS to let feelings out. It's important, a requirement. But sometimes a Passionate is challenged in the moment. The pressure builds until the Passionate is clear about what to say. Then when it is verbalized, it can be dramatic.
Sometimes Passionates are considered by others to be "drama queens" or "drama kings." The origin of this phrase is based on the above information - the pressure building and then released.
Consequently, temper tantrums, especially in children with Passionates, are not uncommon. BEcause they NEED to express. Not expressing is harmful to them. HOW they express can be learned but not allowing it is harmful. And one thing clearly true about Passionates, once a feeling is shared, whether it's joy or anger, they are quickly over it and on to the next thing.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Same heart line on both hands

Same heart line type on both hands

What if you have the same heart line type on both hands?
This does happen about 1/3 of the time.

You then are more singly focused on what you want in relationships. For example if you have Big Hearts on both hands, there is little room for being self-oriented because your focus is so much loving and taking care of others.

Your communication style is consistent and people can count on your to be relatively the same, whether it's student or master path behaviors, the phrases I use to describe the challenges (student) and strengths (master). People know you will be there for them unless you have burned out from giving too much and are taking a break from giving.

Passionates on both hands can again be consistenly Passionate: I want what I want and I want it now with very little room for patience with others who are challenged to make decisions as easily as you know or identify what they want as easily as you do (Romantic Idealists, for example).

So having the same heart line type on both hands lends more consistency of behavior and people get "the same person" most of the time. I do need to add that this doesn't take into account other markings in the hands because this is only the heart line. But it is a very significant line in relationship desires and expectations.

Do you have the same lines on both hands (you can look at archived posts for June to see what the heart line types look like on hands).

If you're interested in learning more about products related to the heart lines, there are some options on my web site.