Thursday, July 10, 2008

How does a heart line identify your love style?

How does a heart line type identify your love style?

Imagine this - your entire body is your soul map. Your hands are a micrcosm of your body so your hand is also your soul map. Each line in the hands means something, just as each finger represents a specific energy. And the finger sections each represent something tangible. So if each line means something, what does each line mean?

Your heart line is about feelings, your emotional perspective, emotional response. So in your relationships, your heart line carries the most influence in your love style and your love language.

The head line is how you think and approach problem solving.
Your life line is about your vitality and your roots - your family, community, tribe.
Your fate line is about your career track, your work style, your approach to taking care of tasks.

Just understanding this may help appreciate why each line is important in the overall scheme of your soul map and personality expression. What hand analysts look for are
1. how long or short is the line
2. how clean is it or does it have extra lines connected to it
3. is it deeply grooved or very lightly drawn or somewhere in between

Every one of these options identifies something tangible about your approach to what the line represents.

So on the love styles, that's what I'm sharing with you - tangible information related to the heart/emotions/feelings.

Previous blogs have provided some helpful details as future ones will also.
see some free articles on my web site regarding finger prints
that identify Life Purpose, Gift Markings and one even on the creative part of the hand.


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