Monday, July 7, 2008

Love Style of the Passionate Heart Line

A Major Passionate Heart Line Characteristic

The Passionate heart line is the curviest of all the heart line types.
It touches the middle (Saturn) finger. Because of this curviness, the Passionate is deemed the most emotionally expressive. That doesn't mean the Passionate DOES express feelings all the time. But when a Passionate shares how he or she feels, it can be dramatic. Strictly from a neurological perspective, this curvy line NEEDS to let feelings out. It's important, a requirement. But sometimes a Passionate is challenged in the moment. The pressure builds until the Passionate is clear about what to say. Then when it is verbalized, it can be dramatic.
Sometimes Passionates are considered by others to be "drama queens" or "drama kings." The origin of this phrase is based on the above information - the pressure building and then released.
Consequently, temper tantrums, especially in children with Passionates, are not uncommon. BEcause they NEED to express. Not expressing is harmful to them. HOW they express can be learned but not allowing it is harmful. And one thing clearly true about Passionates, once a feeling is shared, whether it's joy or anger, they are quickly over it and on to the next thing.

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Markus Thorndike said...

Great information about Passionate types. Thanks, Pamelah!s