Thursday, August 21, 2008

Love Style - Curvy heart lines

Curvy heart lines - the need to express feelings
Heart lines that curve up and touch the index finger (Big Heart) or middle finger (Passionate) actually have a NEED to express feelings. The straight heart line types (Hermit & Romantic Idealist) don't have this same need. It comes from a pressure that builds through the neurology of the curvy line.

For example, if you have curvy lines and find yourself holding back on expressing feelings, the pressure builds until you do. And then you do express and the relief is huge. You can move to the next level because you've "moved through and moved on."

And because these curvy heart lines are designed express, any holding back is counter to your innate design and isn't of service to you.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Love Style More on the Romantic Idealist

The Romantic Idealist - part 2

This heart line that is straight and ends under the index (Jupiter) finger has another significant characteristic. If you read the previous blog about the Romantic Idealist you learned that his heart line type is cautious about communicating feelings and is very observant.

Along with being observant this love style type is also challenged to make decisions easily. Of all the fourt heart line types. the Romantic Idealist, I believe, is the most challenged to identify what is wanted, and then ask for it. First of all, an RI is focused on other people's needs first, making identifying their own needs somewhat inhibiting. "Do I have the right to my own needs," maybe the question an RI asks internally.So identify the needs - step one - is already a question.

The second step is actually formulating the desire into a language in the mind of an RI. This may be a while - not only minutes but maybe hours, days, weeks. Because the straight line brings rationality into the picture and thinking about feelings, to actually formulate the desire in language requires going through the analytical cycle and whether or not the desire " makes sense." To any other heart line type this process seems painfully slow.

The third is actually saying the request out loud or writing it down (easier than verbalizing for most Romantic Idealists). so by the time a request is actually verbalized it has gone through quite a process. And some requests never reach the surface or see the light of day because the analytical process may stop the RI from actually believing he or she has the right to ask for this or that it's possible to have this desire met.

Recommendation: take a risk. Just say something sometime without having to spend a lot of time thinking it through as a 'test' to an alternative process. I could speed up having your needs met.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A heart Line extra marking: Board of Directors

The "Board of Directors" Line

In the hand on the left, there is a line that connects the heart line to the head line. It's a straight horizontal line that begins in this print on the thumb side of the hand. See at the edge of the hand, connecting to the beginning of the head line. And is quite straight. It goes to just under the middle (Saturn) finger and ends when it touches the heart line (the line closest to the fingers). Do you see it? That is called "the Board of Directors" line.
One additional technical point - the Board of Directors line connects with heart line under the Saturn finger. The Saturn (middle) finger represents business systems and structures in part. The "Board of Directors" is a term that applies to businesses for the most part which is a Saturn type of energy. So the BOD at the heart line end pulls on the Saturn characteristic of 'responsibility." A person with a BOD would want to be 'responsible' about making decisions so would pull in the mind/head line to make sure that the entire 'responsible' system is involved.

When this shows up on a hand, it means that the owner of the line will use both their heart (feelings) and head (thinking) when making decisions. The good news is that this person is fully in alignment with whatever decision is made - because they have included both feelings AND the logical/analytical mind/thinking parts of themselves to decide something. So their energy is fully engaged and committed to following the decision. Let's say the owner of this hand above, we'll call her Judy, has been asked to join a friend for a day hike. Knowing the location of the hike would be important (head line info) and who else is going (heart line info). Once that information is provided, then Judy could decide if the logistics (head line) would work and if the emotional experience about who is going and whether or not she likes them (heart line) works for her. If Judy is in alignment with both the location and the people, then it would be possible to say "yes" to the hike and be fully engaged - both feelings and thinking are saying this is a good thing.

The challenge, however, is when their heart has a different idea than their head. For example, if in the above story Judy likes the location but doesn't like one of the people who is going, Judy may be challenged to decide what to do. Her head is happy with the logistics but her heart isn't all that joyful about this one person. What does she do?

People with a Board of Directors line are often in turmoil about making decisions. So often they let others decide and they go along with the decision or they feel confused about a decision and don't know whether to "feel good about it or not" (heart) or "wonder if the right decision was made (head).

Solution: allow both your feelings and thoughts to be considered, even saying them out loud if necessary. Then trust your gut. It will be easier on you and everybody if you are the one with the Board of Directors line.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Love Style and Choice

Your Love Style and the choices you have

For each love style there is a student path (what doesn't feel good) and the master path (what feels good, what serves you best). And in each moment you are at choice about which option you select.

The reason this matter is because, like anything in life, you are the master of your environment. You are the one who trains others how to treat you, as Dr. Phil says from television.

How are you educating people in life how to treat you? How are you acting and responding that tells them, "it's OK to treat me this way." Recently I was at a gathering where somebody was saying things to me tht didn't feel good, although he claims he was teasing me. Even after I teased him back about not saying these things to me, he continued. I decided to educate him in a different way - directly by saying it didn't feel like teasing to me.

I stood on the master path of my heart line and said what I felt, and said what was not OK about how to be treated.

Each day we have many chances to choose the master or student path in every interaction. What does being true to your heart look like with your co-workers? partners? children? family? friends? When you know, in your body, that how somebody is talking to you doesn't feel right to you, what choice do you make? Do you let it continue? Do you ask yourself what other options exist? Do you ask yourself, "what could I say that might provide more clarity for this other person about how I want to be treated in the future?"

Each day, each hour you have the choice to honor yourself and feel the truth of what supports you. And you can help others learn what that is so it's a win-win for everybody.