Friday, January 9, 2009

The right to have Desires

The right to have desires

One of the heart lines, the Passionate, has the easiest time identifying how he or she feels. The other heart line types are more challenged in this particular skill. The Passionate Heart Line is the line closest to the fingers, begins under the pinkie and ends under the middle finger. It actually curves up and touches the middle finger.

The Passionate can become very frustrated when the other heart line types don't know what they want or don't ask for it. It makes no sense to a Passionate that anybody would believe they didn't have 'the right to desires.' But the Romantic Idealist, the most common partner for the Passionate, is THE most challenged heart line to identify and ask for what he or she wants. The Romantic Idealist is a long heart line and straight one that ends under the inex finger.

When people have one hand with a Passionate and one hand with a Romantic Idealist, there could be confusion about identifying desires and expressing them out loud. Maybe on some topics the Passionate hand takes charge and is able to say, "i know I want to go to the beach" with fervor and energy. And at other times, the Romantic Idealist is in charge and analyzes a situation, challenged to make a decision. It may sound like, "I'd like to go to the beach but it's cloudy today and I'm not sure what time the sun is going to come out so that means I need layers of clothes. Maybe we shouldn't go until after 11:30."

When these two heart line types are in relationship, learning how to listen to each one, honoring it and yet allowing both heart line types to have a voice is important for relationship success.

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