Saturday, June 21, 2008

Love Style of Short Heart Lines

Short Heart Lines

Heart lines come in two lengths: short and long.

Short heart lines end under the middle finger (called Saturn). The two heart liens on teh left are the 'short" ones: the very left is the Hermit, the one on the right is the Passionate. See how they each stop before entering the zone under the index finger (called Jupiter).

Short heart lines are more focused on identifying and then taking care of your own needs first.
The Hermit identifies his or her needs and tends to take action on them without necessarily communicating with others about the needs. Hermits tend to be cautious about communicating feelings.

Passionates, the other short heart line ends under the Saturn (middle) finger but actually curves and touches the finger. Curvy lines express more feelings so a Passionate could easily identify his or her needs and let others know what he or she wants.

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Julia Stege said...

Hi Pamelah,
I think I have different length heart line on both hands. My right hand clearly has a straight heart line ending below the space between my middle and index finger - almost a hermit. The left hand has a straight heart line that splits right below the space between index and midle... one fork goes straight for the index finger. The top fork goes up to the middle finger.

This makes me think I have Big Heart with Hermit tendencies, which is correct.

I looked at my hubbys hands (he was a bit reluctant at first). His are clearly curved and very clearly are short. Hermit with a need to express (let's just say explode) emotions ~ this really fits him to the Tee.

I see how this blog will be a really great resource for those interested in learning about hand analysis. Great work!