Monday, October 6, 2008

How I started reading hands

How I started reading hands

People ask me all the time how I got into this business - I guess because it's so unusual people want to know how it could have happened and why I do it as a profession.

In 1991 I was in business for myself, creating computer graphics. Realizing the value of networkign and truthfully, wanting some connections with others - working on a computer much of the day can be quite lonely when you're at home - I found a group that was focused on a more spiritual type of networking. so I went. In January one of the meetings I attended, Todd shared that Richard Unger would be speaking in a couple of weeks and that he was going to teach a weekend intensive on Hand Analysis. Having been interested in most metaphysical sciences up until that time, I was curious how hand analysis fit along with astrology (which I was currently doing part time as well), numerology and other styles of personality maps.

Well, it fit perfectly. I had heard about Hand Analysis from one of Richard's students, Elizabeth, 3 years earlier when we exchanged readings - she read my hands, I did her astrology chart. But I never forgot Richard's name. So at the very least, curiosity intrigued me.

As Richard spoke about Gift Markings in the hands, I couldn't deny how totally fascinated I was. After the meeting, I approached him with the words, "I have to learn how to do this - I have to learn how to read hands." He gave me his card, I called the next day and we chatted for quite a while. The intensive he was teaching two weeks later ended up at my house. Within the first two hours of that weekend, I knew this was for me. I knew it was my path to travel. So two weeks later I was in the year long certification class. And it changed my life. Truly. I feel so blessed to have this skill, the talent to share what I've learned and be of service in people's lives in such a miraculous and magical way.

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