Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Communication - four styles

Four Styles, Four Approaches

If you've been reading the previous posts, you now know that each heart line type, each love style type has a different communication style. Curvy lines need to express how they feel, straight lines are reserved and cautious about communication and sharing feelings. And there has been information on short heart lines being self-focused while long heart lines are focused on other people's needs first.

What you may not yet know is that many people have more than one heart line type. Sometimes your left hand has a different heart line than your right hand. Or you have multiple heart lines on one hand like the example above and in rare cases, both hands have multiple heart lines. Can you see that the heart line splits under the middle finger (Saturn) and then breaks into two lines. In the above case it creates 3 heart line types.
The owner of this has three different communication styles, three ways he or she expresses love and 3 ways to receive love. It may be confusing not only for the heart line owner, but people in his or her life. It's possible that a person with multiple heart lines could bounce back and forth between each expression. And it could happen "in the moment." Let's call this person "Bill" for the sake of conversation. Bill could be warm and friendly with the Big Heart then 'suddenly' become very Hermit-like, wanting to be alone. And it could happen spontaneously. What is Bill to do? Which heart line does he follow? Which expression of love is most promiment?
Another possibility is that Bill could express one style, let's say the Romantic Idealist, for many months, then start owning the Hermit part and tht becomes dominant. There isn't any predictable way the three styles will be expressed. But being conscious of the options, not only for the heart line owner with 3 different potential expressions, but for those around him or her will help the others understand why the 3-heart line type owner may appear 'moody.'

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