Thursday, September 4, 2008

Love Styes Who are Receiving Challenged

"Receiving Challenged" Heart Lines

Did you know that two of the heart lines are espeically receiving challenged? They are the Hermit and Big Heart. Why, or how is this true?

The Big Heart, long and curvy, is focused on other people's needs first. There is a feeling of "selfishness" if the Big Heart receives. Not to worry. But it can be learned. "Receiving challenged" doesn't mean it's not possible. In fact, some Big Hearts I've talked with have moved to the master path and can actually say "thank you" when given a compliment. And receive gifts in the same manner, without deflecting or changing topics.

The Hermit is short straight heart line, completely opposite from the Big Heart, and can also be 'receiving challenged' but for a different reason. Hermits tend to be self-contained. They would rather do things themselves because then it won't have to done over and it will be done right the first time. So receviing help is more challenging for a Hermit. And even compliments may look difficult to receive because Hermits tend to be cautious about communicating feelings so a response to a compliment may be a nod or a twinkle in the eye - you may have to look for it.

And this can be a learned change, too. Not all Hermits are quietly responsive. Some actually say "thank you" out loud and the ones on the master path actually ask for help and let themselves be given to.

If you don't have one of these heart line types, it may be frustrating for you when you give a compliment or offer to help and are rejected. Don't give up and maybe providing feedback would benefit if you can do it with humor like, "feeling a little bit receiving challenged at the moment?"

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