Monday, August 4, 2008

Love Style and Choice

Your Love Style and the choices you have

For each love style there is a student path (what doesn't feel good) and the master path (what feels good, what serves you best). And in each moment you are at choice about which option you select.

The reason this matter is because, like anything in life, you are the master of your environment. You are the one who trains others how to treat you, as Dr. Phil says from television.

How are you educating people in life how to treat you? How are you acting and responding that tells them, "it's OK to treat me this way." Recently I was at a gathering where somebody was saying things to me tht didn't feel good, although he claims he was teasing me. Even after I teased him back about not saying these things to me, he continued. I decided to educate him in a different way - directly by saying it didn't feel like teasing to me.

I stood on the master path of my heart line and said what I felt, and said what was not OK about how to be treated.

Each day we have many chances to choose the master or student path in every interaction. What does being true to your heart look like with your co-workers? partners? children? family? friends? When you know, in your body, that how somebody is talking to you doesn't feel right to you, what choice do you make? Do you let it continue? Do you ask yourself what other options exist? Do you ask yourself, "what could I say that might provide more clarity for this other person about how I want to be treated in the future?"

Each day, each hour you have the choice to honor yourself and feel the truth of what supports you. And you can help others learn what that is so it's a win-win for everybody.

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