Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A heart Line extra marking: Board of Directors

The "Board of Directors" Line

In the hand on the left, there is a line that connects the heart line to the head line. It's a straight horizontal line that begins in this print on the thumb side of the hand. See at the edge of the hand, connecting to the beginning of the head line. And is quite straight. It goes to just under the middle (Saturn) finger and ends when it touches the heart line (the line closest to the fingers). Do you see it? That is called "the Board of Directors" line.
One additional technical point - the Board of Directors line connects with heart line under the Saturn finger. The Saturn (middle) finger represents business systems and structures in part. The "Board of Directors" is a term that applies to businesses for the most part which is a Saturn type of energy. So the BOD at the heart line end pulls on the Saturn characteristic of 'responsibility." A person with a BOD would want to be 'responsible' about making decisions so would pull in the mind/head line to make sure that the entire 'responsible' system is involved.

When this shows up on a hand, it means that the owner of the line will use both their heart (feelings) and head (thinking) when making decisions. The good news is that this person is fully in alignment with whatever decision is made - because they have included both feelings AND the logical/analytical mind/thinking parts of themselves to decide something. So their energy is fully engaged and committed to following the decision. Let's say the owner of this hand above, we'll call her Judy, has been asked to join a friend for a day hike. Knowing the location of the hike would be important (head line info) and who else is going (heart line info). Once that information is provided, then Judy could decide if the logistics (head line) would work and if the emotional experience about who is going and whether or not she likes them (heart line) works for her. If Judy is in alignment with both the location and the people, then it would be possible to say "yes" to the hike and be fully engaged - both feelings and thinking are saying this is a good thing.

The challenge, however, is when their heart has a different idea than their head. For example, if in the above story Judy likes the location but doesn't like one of the people who is going, Judy may be challenged to decide what to do. Her head is happy with the logistics but her heart isn't all that joyful about this one person. What does she do?

People with a Board of Directors line are often in turmoil about making decisions. So often they let others decide and they go along with the decision or they feel confused about a decision and don't know whether to "feel good about it or not" (heart) or "wonder if the right decision was made (head).

Solution: allow both your feelings and thoughts to be considered, even saying them out loud if necessary. Then trust your gut. It will be easier on you and everybody if you are the one with the Board of Directors line.


ruby said...
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Martijn said...

Hello Pamelah,

Great to find this article about the 'board of directors line' at your blog. I don't believe that this line has been described so very specific elsewhere on the internet.

Beyond the scope of your detailed explanation, I would like to point out that this line has a characteristic that can be associated with the 'simian line' (a.k.a. simian crease).

Actually, I described this line on my website as a 'simian related heart line', see: The 'simian line' related heart line(I think the 3 pictures on my website describe different manifestion types of this line)

And conincidently, yesterday I found confirming evidence that the 'board of director line' is also often found in Down's syndrome - I found the line in the hands of 5 subjects in a sample of 11 subjects who have Down's syndrome.

From my point of view my study confirms that the 'board of directors line' can be understood a 'minor simian line variant'.

I hope you recognize what I just described. Anyway, thanks for presenting your interpretation of this line.