Friday, August 15, 2008

Love Style More on the Romantic Idealist

The Romantic Idealist - part 2

This heart line that is straight and ends under the index (Jupiter) finger has another significant characteristic. If you read the previous blog about the Romantic Idealist you learned that his heart line type is cautious about communicating feelings and is very observant.

Along with being observant this love style type is also challenged to make decisions easily. Of all the fourt heart line types. the Romantic Idealist, I believe, is the most challenged to identify what is wanted, and then ask for it. First of all, an RI is focused on other people's needs first, making identifying their own needs somewhat inhibiting. "Do I have the right to my own needs," maybe the question an RI asks internally.So identify the needs - step one - is already a question.

The second step is actually formulating the desire into a language in the mind of an RI. This may be a while - not only minutes but maybe hours, days, weeks. Because the straight line brings rationality into the picture and thinking about feelings, to actually formulate the desire in language requires going through the analytical cycle and whether or not the desire " makes sense." To any other heart line type this process seems painfully slow.

The third is actually saying the request out loud or writing it down (easier than verbalizing for most Romantic Idealists). so by the time a request is actually verbalized it has gone through quite a process. And some requests never reach the surface or see the light of day because the analytical process may stop the RI from actually believing he or she has the right to ask for this or that it's possible to have this desire met.

Recommendation: take a risk. Just say something sometime without having to spend a lot of time thinking it through as a 'test' to an alternative process. I could speed up having your needs met.


cameronsharpe said...

All you mentioned are true but sometimes, LOVE is TOO STRONG to control your feelings. You may have reasons to engage yourself into a relationship such as this - having a bf or gf older or younger than you are but the thing is, it's all about the commitment and the chemistry of handling a good relationship. These are natural reasons but there's always a deeper basis once you are in that relationship. Just a thought. Thanks for the blog :)


1962 said...

Hi Pamelah,
What would you say about a Romantic Idealist heart line where the end of it curves down on the mount of jupiter and touches the beginning of head/life line?
Is head controlling heart?
Is heart controlling head?