Saturday, July 18, 2009

Control issues from the heart lines perspective

How each of the heart line types is motivated to maintain control

Yesterday in a class I was teaching, I shared how each of the four heart line types is motivated to be in control. And they are all different. As a reminder, heart lines are the ones closest to your fingers that start under the pinkie (Mercury) finger. You can see hand print examples of the heart line types in the June-July 2008 archives on this blog.

Everybody likes to control their environment in some way but are motivated differently. From the heart line perspective (remembering this is only one line in the hand) here is what's important.

The Big Heart (long and curves up to and touches the index -Jupiter - finger) finds it important to have control over his or her giving territory. What this means is that a Big Heart has a 'giving territory', a person or group of people to whom the Big Heart gives. And the Big Heart doesn't want other people giving to those same people in the same way the Big Heart does - so will protect the giving territory. For example, a mother with a Big Heart provides nutritious meals to her children and doesn't like it when other family members or friends give sugar to her children which she has kept out of their diet. Her 'giving territory' of her children is now violated and she wants to control how her chilren are fed.

The Hermit (short and straight and ends under the middle - Saturn - finger) wants to control his or her environment. This could look like having an office and nobody gets to touch any papers or move anything, including the stapler, without permission from the Hermit. The Hermit seeks security and anything moved without consent feels unsecure. So the Hermit will do whatever he or she can to maintain control of their physical environment.

The Romantic Idealist (long and straight ending under the index - Jupiter- finger) wants control by thinking things through before deciding or taking action. This is motivated by wanting to know the outcome and then to be prepared for possible potential outcomes. So they may delay a decision until they feel clear about potential outcomes and this feels controlling, not only to the Romantic Idealist, but to others in their life. For example, a Romantic Idealist may want to go to the movies but wants to make sure that there will be ample parking, a seat that is an appropriate distance from the screen and that it works with the rest of their planned out day. The logsitics (thought through pieces of the plan) need to be in place and under the Romantic Idealist's control as much as possible.

The Passionate (curves up to and touches the middle - Saturn - finger) on the master path maintains control by asking directly for what he or she wants and allows others to give it to him or her. On the student path, control is maintained by manipulating. A possibility would be when a Passionate wants to eat out, on the master path control would look like saying, "I want to eat this type of food at this specific restaurant." On the student path, it could be, "I want to go out and eat," creating space for the other person involved to have input about what type of food or what restaurant. But the Passionate actually knows that ahead of time but just hasn't stated it so a manipulative process ensues until the CORRECT restaurant has been agreed upon.

Each heart line type is motivated differently and that's important to understand. Others aren't trying to be difficult with you, they just have different motivations for staying in control and where control matters to them.

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