Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Relationship Issues

Relationship Issues in the Hands

One of the areas of hand analysis that is fascinating is how many factors influence one's relationships. For example, the heart line which is covered on many of the blog postings here, determine how a person expresses feelings and how a person wants to be loved - with affection, with words, with space, with passion, through deep conversations, through short conversations, etc. So many choices depending on which heart line type(s) you have.

Fascinatingly, there are many other hand markings that also influence how one approaches relationships. The types of fingerprints can be influential, as well as how long the head line is, what the hand shape is, how many lines you have.

People with very few lines (like between 3 and 9) tend to be 'bottom line get to the point' type of people who prefer to be communicated with in bullet points (this is a bit of simplification!) However, a person with many lines in the hands (15 or more) tends to want to share way more information that somebody with very few lines wants to hear. Just knowing that, already you can see that different approaches to comunication could result in one feeling loved or not. "You don't listen to me" a person with many lines may feel. And that could translate to feeling 'unloved' or that there is a 'relationship issue.'

A person with very few lines may feel the person with many lines is 'overcommunicating." TMI (too much information - I think that phrase was made up by somebody with very few lines!) So the person with very few lines may feel unloved because they feel the person with many lines doesn't understand what 'effective communication' looks like to a person with few lines.

And this is only one aspect of what is in the hands. This is by way of saying that patience, understanding and compassion are so helpful when somebody communicates in a way that doesn't match your style. And maybe if the issue is few lines vs many lines, this little bit of info can help you be more understanding in your relationships. If you have very few lines, maybe you could tell others you want to be communicated with in bullet points.

If you have many lines, maybe you can share how much you appreciate somebody hanging in there with you while you "get to the point more slowly with more information."

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