Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Heart Lines and Asking for Assistance

Heart Lines - Asking for Assistance

Here is how the four heart line types approaching asking for assistance.

The four heart line types are the Passionate, Big Heart, Hermit and Romantic Idealist. If you look at the archive of blogs on this blogpost, from 2008, especially June and July, there are hand prints that show what the four heart line types look like.

The Big Heart is very focused on giving and nurturing so asking for help could feel selfish. On the master path, a Big Heart asks for help and trusts that it's important that the other person wants to give to the Big Heart - it's not a burden.

The Hermit is very self-contained. Thus asking for help may challenge the Hermit because it requires asking somebody else to do something that Hermit can easily do him or herself. On the master path, Hermits create a relationship with somebody they trust and thus ask for assistance if trust is part of the relationship - if the other person is reliable.

The Romantic Idealist may also be somewhat challenged to request assistance, because their pattern is to feel that it's rude to interrupt another. It would be inconsiderate. On the master path, the Romantic Idealist could take ownership that others want to help too. That others may also find it a considerate thing to give to the Romantic Idealist.

Passionates are the best examples of asking for assistance because they truly believe they deserve it!

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